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Angel Rain around the world!

This page is for Rain Adventures around the world. Rain has been going around the world and here are the adventures she has had so far. Thank you all for doing this. :) 

Here is when she was with Waylons Family!!!

This is Rain napping on Waylons Mommys Bed :)

Rain Posing with Grogeous Waylon!

Rain with Waylons Bear and Guitar!
Rain at Kims Nephews Party!! Go Cowboys

Rain at the beach with Waylons Family!

Thank you Kim and Family!! Waylon you have a wonderful Family!!

These next pictures are when she was in Adelaide in Australia with my cousin Danielle and her husband Russell.

A view of the city and the hills!!

Rain with  big tree in Light Square.  (Named after Col William Light who was the first Surveyor- General of South Australia.)

Rain In front of Adelaide Arcade.My cousins husband is with her in the pic.  You can see the Australian crest on top with Kangaroo and Emu.  One of the oldest shopping things.

 in front of a Catholic University building, with the Indigenous and Australian flags.  The Indigenous flag is red bottom = red earth, black top = night sky, and yellow sun.

Rain In front of Adelaide Arcade. My cousins husband is in the picture with my Rain.  You can see the Australian crest on top with Kangaroo and Emu.  One of the oldest shopping things.

Rain with bronze statue pig!  famous in Adelaide!! 

Thanks you guys for taking care of my Rain!

When Quinn and Rain were watching Quinns Favorite show Yo Gabba Gabba that episode was called "Weather" and they sang a song about the rain :) How cute is that!!!!!

Rain with Ethan Lombards family...my Rain had so much fun with Ethans little brother Quinn! Thank you for taking care of my Rain and playing with her!

 Rain with Troy Mitchells Family in South Australia

Rain and Troys Mom planted a Jacaranda tree together for all the angels in Heaven

Rain at Grange Beach where she collected sheels and played in the sand. Thank you soo much Edwina for sending me her shells and her sand!!!

Rain with Troys Mom!!!

A friend of Troys mom who they visited in the hospital!

Rain visiting Troys special spot!

Rain at the Adelaide Zoo she also got the cutest panda stuffed animal!!! Thank you soo much for that!

Rain enjoying the sun on the River Torrens!

While Rain was visiting she also went to work several times with Troys mom did some gardening and she came into contact with another young mom who had recently lost her own baby Troys mom told me she brought much comfort to her and inspired the young mother to talk about her baby for the first time.

Rain did so much there Edwina was so kind to make me a cd with 71 pictures I just posted some of my Favorites on here but they were all great and I know my Rain had a great time with Troys family. Thank you again for everything and taking such good care of my Rain.

Rain with Jordans Grandma!!

Thank you so much Veresa for taking such good care of my Rain and showing her around Webster Springs WV :) I know she had a great time. 

Thank you Rosanna for taking Angel Rain with you to Italy ♥ 2104

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